Friday, August 26, 2011

Hi there!

So...this is new.

I'm always a bit intimidated by a blank page. Or on this case, a blank text box. I feel the need to attempt to be profound and just end up sounding wildly cheesy.

So I'm just going to use this to lay out kind of a mission statement.

I'm a blogger, crafter, baker, amateur cook and activist. I am fat, queer, and distinctly lefty, who practices Health At Every Size and adheres strongly to the idea that health is not a moral imperative, but a privilege that not all people have access to. This is a space for recipes and projects that will likely intersect with all the other things on the list. Since I already have political/personal blogs, I plan on keeping the non-project related rants to a minimum, but where I stand on the above listed subjects and identities will influence my posting style. SO I figure you get some warning if those things bother you.

If it doesn't, welcome! Take a seat and no feet on the table.

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